… guides companies with value-based strategies towards a unique and strong market position.

Meike Bütikofer is a internatioal recognised strategy expert who works with

owner- and family-managed companies. Her new strategy-approache inspire companies

to develop a stronger, more unique and more successful market position. Based on

the company’s unique identity she also develops with her clients the corporate

values. She coaches managers and moderates conflict situations in Companies.

Meike Bütikofer speaks German, Swedish and English.

Education / Qualifications
  • Master of Science in Animal Nutrition and Veterinary Medicine, Uppsala University,
  • Executive MBA, St. Gallen University
  • Systemic Consulting and Coaching, SySt Institute, Munich
  • Coaching, clarification and communication, Schulz von Thun Institute of Communication,

Previous roles
  • Strategic and/or operational responsibility in
    – Siemens AG, Munich
    – Siemens Building Technologies AG, Zürich
    – Electrowatt Engineering AG, Zürich
    – ATAG Ernst & Young Switzerland, Bern
    – ZIWAG AG, Oberentfelden

Freelance work (since 2002)
  • Partner of The 4you Network AG, Zürich

  • Founder and owner of Bütikofer AG, Hergiswil:

    – development of value-based corporate strategies

    – development of corporate values

    – development and introduction of the Balanced Scorecard

    – coaching Company-Owners in Strategy and succession issues

    – executive coaching for boards and executives

  • Lecturer in strategy and BSC – MBA Bern Business School and CAS –

    Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Winterthur

  • Member of the board of directors in IE Engineering Group AG, Zürich and Faigle AG, Zürich

  • Member of the council of the Brunau Foundation, Zürich and of the Schweizer Berghilferat

«As a scientist I have learned to look behind the scenes to identify what’s essential.

It’s my passion to discover the potential in a company and develop it further with the people in it.»

 meike.buetikofer@4you.ch, Tel. +41 79 404 13 40

E-mail contact

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