Assessment and development methods

Whether you are looking for a one-day evaluation, a group assessment or a development centre spanning several days, we have the skills and experience to help you make progress. We have access to numerous test procedures that we can make targeted use of in assessments, training and team development.

Assessment centres

People are often hired because of their technical skills and then fired because of shortcomings in their interpersonal or management skills. An assessment rounds off the basis on which recruitment decisions are made: it can back up your evaluations and therefore increase the certainty of your decision or it can reveal the inconsistencies and shortcomings in candidates in good time.
4you offers standardised individual assessments on two levels: at directorial level and at senior and middle management level.
If the candidates wish, following the assessment – or after a completed selection process – they are entitled to receive detailed feedback from one of the assessors.

Development centres

Are you keen to invest in your staff and are envisaging training for them? Do you actually know what skills you urgently need in your company, but don't know what potential your staff have? Or are you planning a pool of young talent for the systematic development of young executives?

Whatever the individual issue you’re facing, we offer expert advice and can put together a development centre that is tailored precisely to your company’s needs.

Participants receive individual behaviour-related feedback which offers a clearer view of their strengths and areas for development. This feedback signals to them that they are appreciated and at the same time motivates them to deal independently with objectives and future plans.

The executive team receives information about the existing skills and potential in the company and can therefore develop their staff in a targeted way to develop competencies that are relevant for the company.

Management audits

Is your company undergoing a process of change? Are you creating new structures and wanting to ensure that the key roles are being filled by the right people? Or would you like to have a review of your managers’ skills and potential?
We offer expert advice and can put together a management audit for you that is tailored to the needs of your company.
The audit is based on an in-depth, tried-and-tested assessment methodology that is specifically targeted at managers’ competencies and potential when it comes to certain tasks. Participants receive individual behaviour-related feedback which offers a clearer view of their strengths and areas for development. It allows the executive team to deploy their managers in a targeted way and identify the competencies that still need to be developed.

360° feedback processes

360° feedback is a tool that helps managers and staff develop strategically for the company. Its target groups are individuals, teams and business units.
The “feedback recipient” – the person on whom 360° feedback is being given – receives anonymous feedback on his or her conduct and performance from different viewpoints (managers, colleagues, staff, customers). As several people are giving feedback, it is thoroughly objective. What are known as “soft factors”, such as the person’s communication skills, team management skills or collaboration, can be specifically measured.
360° feedback always relates to a particular individual. This person receives a meaningful report on his or her strengths and weaknesses as perceived by others.

  • Participants can take a good look at themselves and at others and enhance their awareness and observation skills 
  • By receiving and implementing the findings, your company gains insight into the development of individual and team performance, and can come up with measures relating to corporate strategy.
  • There is targeted support of change processes by awareness of and measurement of the necessary competencies
  • Reinforcement of the culture of feedback and communication in the organisation

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are used to ascertain personality traits. They are often also used during coaching and team development. The tests for which we are certified include:
  • MBTI, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • OPQ32 / Occupational Personality Questionnaire/ SHL
  • HBDI, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • OCI, Organizational Culture Inventory
  • OEI, Organizational Effectiveness Inventory
  • DISC Personality Profile
  • Personal Directions & IDI, MRG
  • Team Management Profile / Wheel
  • Biostructural Analysis – Structogram 1-3
We have access to countless other testing procedures. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

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