Social competence

“You can’t not communicate!”
                                                                Paul Watzlawik, renowned Austrian communications scientist and sociologist

People communicate their behaviour as soon as they see one another. So we’re always making an impact – whether it’s verbal or nonverbal. Aware of this and using the right methods, we help you present yourself to others successfully and competently.

Speeches, moderation, presentation

You are expected to come across as competent, confident and likeable. That is the case for internal target groups in meetings and conferences as much as it is for public audiences. Is your appearance – however brief it is – designed to convince? Do you have something you want to achieve? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to get things going and be remembered positively? To help you succeed in this, we work with you so that you can make a real impact: cleverly thought out, multifaceted and interestingly and clearly structured – all at the same time. In keeping with the motto: “The messenger is the message!” you make your expertise apparent. Before a presentation you clarify:
  • your real, identifiable message
  • the benefit for the target group
  • how you are going to do this, communicating that you really do “walk the talk”.
Coming across successfully is not something that happens by chance. It involves video training that replicates what happens in practice and the ability to make optimal use of your personal resources. We show you what it is all about – but only by living it, experiencing it, seeing it and hearing it for yourself will you start to make improvements.

Appearance – manners – empathetic small talk

When you come into contact with customers, the first three to seven seconds will determine whether or not you are successful. Not only personally successful: the first impression made by employees is crucial to the success of the whole company. Appropriate dress, warm and authentic gestures, good manners and empathetic, intelligent small talk: in next to no time your clients make a decision quite subjectively.

Visual factors play an important role here, yet the topic of what you wear in particular is taken by many people emotionally and is often bound up with anxieties. It is all the more important in this case to be professional. With lots of experience and empathy we make your employees aware of the success factors involved in making a good first impression.

In our seminars and coaching sessions we set great store on a practice-oriented communication of the basics that provide a foundation for in-depth discussions, role-play and individual types of application. Personal feedback complements the seminars and gives you added security – that you are coming across in a way that really makes a positive impact.

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