Advice and check-up

Are you looking for someone who can take a critical yet constructive look at management with you? Would you like to hear the view of an experienced external coach who has considerable management experience?

Whether you are looking for support in designing management training or would like to reinforce the management culture in your company, 4you are the people to contact.

Check-up: effectiveness as a management team

If you are keen to review your effectiveness as a management team, we can review the current situation by asking: 
  1. Collaboration in the team: how do we collaborate as a management team? What do we do well? Where are there areas of friction or bottlenecks? What core competencies do we have in our management team?
  2. Effectiveness as a management team in the organisation: What impact are we making in the organisation? How are we perceived as a management team? How do we work with the next management level?
With one or two experienced coaches, you will explore these issues and identify the potential for managing in an ideally coordinated way, both internally and externally.

Reinforcing the management culture in the company

Management is the central force within the company. The basic condition for successfully reinforcing the management culture is a committed executive team that leads the way and serves as a role model. In times of change, a strong management culture with a strong message is required. This produces guidance, direction and trust: the basic ingredients of high-performing companies.
During a management workshop, company executives explore these issues in detail and develop a shared understanding of management.
Workshop discussions also encourage understanding between disciplines and boost trust within the company.

Our approach – tried and tested in practice – is as follows:
  1. A launch workshop with the executive team for the purposes of working on key areas and honing the content.
  2. Management workshops, generally 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 days, spanning different divisions or within the functional area using a cascade principle. Dialogue with company management.
  3. Continuing the workshop contents in individual management areas and management teams.
  4. Harmonising existing management training and HR processes with these areas of emphasis.
  5. Additional management training in subsequent years.

Check-up of the company’s management training

Are you looking for answers to questions such as:
  • Is our management training state of the art?
  • How well is our current management training geared to the new challenges facing the company?
  • How does our existing management training fit with our current corporate culture and the one we want to have in future?
  • How can the effectiveness and sustainability of management training be enhanced?
Experienced management development specialists carry out a review of the current situation with you and identify the answers to these and other questions. We also make specific recommendations to optimise and align your management training.

Check-up of talent management in the company

Experienced management development specialists and talent managers undertake a review of the current situation with you and provide answers to the following questions:
  • Is our talent management state of the art?
  • How good are we at identifying and promoting talent in the company?
  • How effective are our existing talent management processes?
  • What roles do line managers play in this?
In this check-up we work together to analyse your existing talent management and provide specific recommendations for making improvements to it.

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