A new professional direction – to last a lifetime!

Dismissing a colleague of many years' standing or finding a new direction yourself as an employee present difficult moments in your career, but are a firm part of being a manager. 4you provides support for you to deal with such experiences professionally.
4you’s reviews reveal where people are in their careers. Our services are used by companies and individuals alike.

A review of the current situation

Are you dissatisfied with your current professional situation? Do you have the sense that you’re not progressing and that your current role no longer has any prospects?

Whatever the issue bothering you, a review – tailored to your needs – gives you a clear picture of where you are in your career. What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses and what are your professional inclinations, values and needs? What do you need to be able to plan your professional future in a focused way, make the right decisions and get to grips with what you have to do?

4you accompanies you every step of the way and prepares you specifically for the new task and challenges ahead.

One possible approach could be as follows:

Analysis of your current situation: you examine your current situation and get the opportunity to
reflect on it and categorise your experiences.

Definition of your objective: in the coaching meeting, we outline your new professional future and develop a new target job or profession that matches your values and abilities.

Reality check: this phase includes the analysis of realistic possibilities on the job market in relation to your target job or profession, your basic personal conditions and targeted and active networking.

Change process: based on the previous steps in the process, we develop a plan with you of next steps and are happy to continue to support you.


Outplacement allows organisations and their employees to go their separate ways in a respectful and responsible manner. Our outplacement services target development, personal responsibility and sustainability. They are geared to the actual requirements of the employees concerned and at the same time keep the company’s interests in mind.

Benefits for the company:
  • Outplacement increases the chance of separation without conflicts or legal disputes.
  • Outplacement is culturally relevant and has a positive effect on the motivation of the remaining staff.
  • Outplacement reinforces the company’s image in the marketplace.

Benefits for employees:
  • Outplacement allows the employee to leave with support geared to the benefit of all parties.
  • Outplacement provides professional and targeted support in the search for the right next position.

Your 4you experts in this area: