…  has been a world champion and has therefore experienced at first-hand what it takes to unleash personal potential and create teams that deliver outstanding performances.

Cla Mosca specialises in developing individuals and teams. He is familiar with the key factors that deliver the best personal performance. But he also has the skills to help people and teams in times of crisis, pressure and stress. His strengths lie in making his course content something that can be experienced and that is comprehensible in order then to transfer it into day-to-day life for the long term. He moderates and trains in German, English, French and Romansh.

Education / Qualifications
  • Snowboarding world champion in the giant slalom
  • Certified NST practitioner (NST Institute, Kirchzarten)
  • Certified mental guide trainer (mental guide GmbH, Basel)
  • EFT practitioner (Swiss Centre for EFT, Herzogenbuchsee)
  • Certified outdoor coach (Kreativ Training, Langenthal)
  • Adventure educator (Planoalto, Untereggen)
  • Empathetic coach (metapuls ag, Tann)
  • Certified neurocoach (Kreativ Training, Langenthal)
  • Systematic organisational development (MCV, Vorarlberg)

Freelance work (since 1990)
  • Associate partner of The 4you Network AG, Zürich
  • Snowboarding professional
  • Development of a practice for alternative medicine
  • Founder and owner of ClaMosca Flowmanagement
  • Looking after top athletes en route to the Olympics
  • Mental training for executives
  • Stress and self-management
  • Team development
  • Leadership
  • Time outs for business management
  • Keynote speeches
  • Clients: finance, retail, tourism, public transport, public sector.

cla.mosca@4you.ch, Tel. +41 79 291 91 88

E-mail contact

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