Coaching and advice

"I have no solution, but I admire the problem".
                                                                                       –successful German coach Jonathan Briefs’ humorous point of view Jonathan Briefs

Everyone faces challenges. The question is how you react to them.

Coaching of managers

Do you want to make your everyday management simpler and more efficient so that you and your team can produce the best performance? Practical relevance is important to us in our management coaching so that you are willing and able to put the knowledge you acquire into practice immediately.

The benefits
We are like a sparring partner who gives feedback and points out your blind spots, so that ultimately you have the certainty of doing the right thing in a particular situation or when confronted with an issue.

Possible situations where coaching is beneficial include:
  • induction in a new management role
  • conflicts
  • inadequate performance by an employee

Executive coaching

Are you a CEO looking for a sparring partner who undertakes in-depth analyses and reflects on the challenges of running a company – and supports and reinforces the impact you make?

There are three strands to coaching at this management level:
  • personal: this it is about you, about personal matters, about your work/life balance and your impact as a role model.
  • team: this is about collaboration in the executive team and the associated effect perceived by the outside world.
  • corporate: this is about markets and competitive pressure, and dealing with the board.
To obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible, when we start executive coaching we conduct interviews with the key stakeholders in your company.

Situations where coaching is beneficial include:
  • turnaround situations
  • company takeovers
  • management audits

Neurocoaching is a unique, focused and highly efficient method of personal development for managers and top athletes. This inclusive, harmonious and well-rounded training programme supports you in the process of putting knowledge to good practical use.
A neurocoaching process takes place away from the office for between 3 and 5 days – in a wonderful natural setting in Switzerland. The process can be continued with individual coaching and/or neuro feedback sessions.

Onboard coaching

The first 90 days in a new company are crucial for making your mark. You are aware of this and are therefore looking for someone competent who can support you in the first three to six months in your new job.
Our support in detail:
  • 1:1 meetings with you on site
  • email exchanges
  • telephone coaching
  • potentially interviews with the board, managers and direct reports

The benefits

You are supported by an experienced coach who produces clear structures and processes with you and makes you aware of the dos and don'ts during your induction period. It means that you can concentrate on what is expected of you.

Examples of where this coaching is beneficial include:
  • joining a new company as CEO and/or as a member of the executive team 
  • taking on of additional responsibility

Sales coaching

Surveys of sales managers always produce the same result: only one in five employees meet or exceed their objectives and associated expectations. The rest of them deliver an indifferent performance and can barely be made to do better. The reason for this is often to do with insufficient or even non-existent sales coaching.

Professionally delivered sales coaching leads to greater self-confidence, increased efficiency, a higher number of sales closures, greater exploitation of potential and to doing the right things properly.

The benefits
You quickly identify the existing potential of your employees or their shortcomings. This allows you talk to them effectively and manage them in a way suited to both the situation and the employee.

Sports coaching

It's the same in sport as it is in business: it’s about being able to deliver your personal best at the right moment. Most people fail not because of their abilities, but because they put up barriers that prevent them from making the most of their opportunities. In our sports coaching we rely on our many years of experience in order to give you the skills to ensure you are in the right place mentally, emotionally and physically to achieve your goals – both in training and in competition.

The benefits
You experience how to dismantle barriers quickly and efficiently. You get the best tools to be able to work in a mentally focused way. You develop the ability to produce your optimal performance while being able to consciously process setbacks.

Examples of where this coaching is beneficial include:
  • clarifying objectives
  • processing setbacks
  • support during major events
  • delivering an optimal performance

Life coaching

Do you want to work on personal and private issues and make progress? Is it important to you to be able to successfully implement the experiences and insight into your everyday life so that you can really live your “new” life?
Life coaching helps you with this important personal development.

The benefits
You feel better because you are finding out about yourself and increasingly living “your” life. You have processed what has happened in the past and are more contented with your life now. You have new perspectives and are full of energy to face whatever comes along.

Situations where this coaching is beneficial include:
  • separation from a partner
  • health problems
  • working through experiences
  • weight loss
  • tackling something you’ve always wanted and making it happen, turning dreams into reality


Do you want to remain calm and composed even in challenging situations? In our self-management seminar you will acquire a better understanding of yourself and specifically develop the behaviour that will take you where you want to go so that you achieve your goal.

Outdoor activities like walking, different tests such as Personal Directions, creative elements including biographic work and systemic aspects such as visualising behaviour in difficult situations and/or relationships help with this.

The benefits
You gain a better understanding of yourself and are therefore in a position to act according to your needs.
It makes you calmer and you enjoy life and form relationships, both privately and professionally, in a more agreeable way.
Situations where this coaching is beneficial include:
  • identity crises
  • lack of direction
  • a review of your current situation
  • difficulty dealing with your emotions

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