Management training plus

Alongside typical management issues, demands are increasingly being made these days in other areas in a manager’s work and development as well. The more a manager develops, the more areas such as their own personality and the question of their own effectiveness come to the fore.

In our “Management training plus” we offer solutions that address precisely these challenges. For people for whom impact is more important than pure performance.

Management pit stop – 2 days that carry on

Time is a valuable resource. In our pit stop, the focus is on this valuable resource and on you. You take time out to stop a while and reflect on where you are at the moment.

With like-minded colleagues, you reflect on your management routine, your attitudes and your actions, allowing you to work on your own understanding of management by taking your personal values and motives into account.

Together we find answers to your current management issues. Because in addition to having plenty of time for in-depth discussions, you will also receive valuable feedback from colleagues and coaches.

It provides you with an opportunity to recharge your batteries and approach new and old management situations with courage and composure.
Our pit stops are tailored to your needs and last for between 1 and 3 days.

Personal check-up: Your effectiveness as a manager

Do you want to know where you stand as a manager? Then a check-up is perfect for you. With proven methods we determine the status of your management skills and identify appropriate development activities. If desired we use two coaches to support the review of your current situation.

Personality leads the way

Ahead of the skills involved in managing, it is an individual’s personality that makes an impact on others! Personality includes personal values and convictions. These determine a person’s stance and guides how they act. Values, convictions and thought-out actions are at the heart of this “Personality leads the way” seminar.

Questions are asked such as: What parts of my personality come into effect in how I manage? How do I genuinely use who I am in management situations? How do I deal with topics such as personal responsibility, inner resources and courage in everyday management? How do I cope with tension and how do I behave under pressure and in conflict situations? What are the most important key competencies derived from my personality that have an impact on my management style?
Individual answers are provided to these questions – including in discussions with other participants – that will continue to have an effect and shape how you operate long after the seminar is over.

Talent group course

How a plant thrives is determined by the environment in which it grows. To nurture new talent, one needs productive structures and processes that encourage and expect the best from people. 4you helps create such an environment and also offers different services within the scope of talent programmes such as:
  • support in the design and development of talent management programmes
  • design and implementation of development activities – either delivered by us or involving other external or internal experts. Classic development activities include identification and selection, management training, moderation of business modules, (supported) project work, supported coaching and mentoring.
Talent programmes are tailor-made development activities to prepare people for the next management level. The programmes don’t just simply provide the tools, but also focus significantly on personality development. Here we set great emphasis on the targeted involvement of senior management.

Executive team retreat to address current management issues

In senior management positions, managers are confronted with numerous management issues, the answers to which should not just be quickly conjured up and then forgotten again. Questions frequently asked are:
  • As managers how can we address the challenges we’re currently facing and shape the company strategically?
  • How do we deal with performance shortfalls, self-satisfaction and complacency in the system?
  • How can we make our employees enthusiastic about ambitious objectives?
  • How can we introduce a long-term change to the culture that has developed over many years and that is producing weeds instead of flowers?
  • How do we create a culture of personal responsibility, initiative and loyalty?
With one or two experienced coaches you will find your very own answers to these or other questions with your management team, and with the help of our coaches’ considerable expertise you will develop quite specific solutions for your company.

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