Classic management training

Managing effectively means quickly and flexibly adapting to different people and situations and dealing with them accordingly. 4you offers specific, tried-and-tested management training courses for all kinds of stakeholders.
While being tailored to your needs, our training and development offerings are designed in line with proven management models and standards in order to provide the optimum content and make the greatest impact.

New manager course 

This seminar is designed for those who have recently taken on a new management role or who will be doing so in the near future. To help them feel confident in their new position, in this seminar we encourage a personal understanding of management and simulate challenging management situations.
We also explore the issues faced by managers in groups and help participants enhance their skills.

The key areas covered in this seminar are:
  • the role of the manager
  • building trust by managing expectations
  • management tools and management competence
  • principles of communication and feedback
  • dealing with real case studies. 
In addition to a brief introduction to management theory, we explore actual examples and various experience-based methods in more depth. Recommended length: 2 days plus a follow-up day after around 3 weeks.

Middle manager course 

This course is for experienced managers who would like to boost their management skills and contribute their own experience and successful methods to “their company”. The focus here is on methodological and thematic “classics”, but these are adapted to the specific requirements and objectives of the company and participants.

Possible topics covered in this seminar include:
  • team dynamics
  • change management and dealing with resistance
  • conflict management
  • the manager as coach
The length of this course is geared to your requirements and the competencies desired by your company. On this basis we design completely personalised management training so that your managers can make the impact your company needs!

Supplementary seminars in greater depth

To supplement these management courses, we also offer more in-depth training and seminars on different management topics such as presentation skills, meeting management and moderation, working methods, assigning and accepting responsibility, trust-based management, managing at a distance and managing without a hierarchy.

Management training for experienced project leaders

The most challenging management situations are those in which managers have no formal decision-making power. More than anything these situations require skill, clarity, persuasiveness and the ability to encourage others to put in extra effort.
It is therefore crucial – particularly for project leaders – that they continue to boost their management skills. In this seminar project leaders from one or more companies discuss specific management topics from the project environment.

Typical topics on the ‘soft edge of project management’ include:
  • managing without hierarchies
  • personality-based management
  • conflict management
  • personal responsibility and commitment
  • courage, composure and emotional competence
  • team management
  • change management
  • dealing with resistance
  • power and micropolitics
Using short theoretical examples we encourage self-reflection and discussions among colleagues. Considerable importance is also given in this seminar to dealing with issues currently being faced by the participants.
Classic formats are: 2 days plus the evening before, or 2 x 2 days plus a follow-up after 6 months.

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