Customer care

«The customer is not king, but should be treated like one

Your employees are the best business card your company has, and first-class customer service is vital for the success of your business. Customer service that makes you stand out from the mediocrity around you generates new business opportunities, goodwill and recommendations, and consequently lots of new customers.

Telephone dialogue

Customer contact by phone is one of the factors crucial to a company’s success. It involves customer care over the phone (inbound conversations) and telephone acquisition (outbound conversations). In our training for customer care by telephone, you or your employees will learn the basics of customer-oriented conversation techniques. Other important topics include cross-selling and additional sales.

Customer service

Whether in the back office, on reception or in field sales, every employee projects an image of the company and is at the customer’s service. A company with a professional way of handling complaints and conflict stands out from the lacklustre average when problems arise. The skill lies in empathising with customers and dealing with them sensitively and with care. These are the skills we impart in our customer service training.

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