Life Balance Seminar

Delivering top performances and staying healthy at the same time!

Our seminars are suited to employees at all levels who want – or need – to deal with the balance in their lives.

The benefits for you

  • You will acquire a deep understanding of what is linked to stress and its effects
  • You will analyse and reflect on your own situation and your behaviour so far and identify what keeps you balanced and what throws you off track
  • You will be given various tools for establishing and maintaining a good balance in future
  • You will learn effective methods of relaxation that you can apply to suit the situation
We put together the contents of the seminar with you based on your requirements and ideas.

Possible topics include:
  • Understanding the effects of stress on our body, mind and soul, and on the world of work, society and our private lives
  • Reflecting on and taking stock of your own situation
  • Learning about ultradian rhythms and applying this knowledge to your own life
  • Learning about the interdependent effectiveness of movement, nutrition and relaxation and finding your own optimum
  • Acquiring practical knowledge of several methods of relaxation and exercises and trying out what works for you
  • The contents are communicated very interactively and are aligned with people’s many different types of learning preferences.

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