Insight into human nature

«Be who you are
Greek saying

Having good insight into human nature is having the ability to correctly assess someone’s behaviour or character from the first impression and predict how this person is going to think and act.

Crucial factors for acquiring this skill are life experience, intuition, intelligence and wisdom. If you have a good insight into human nature, you’ll be able to put this to good use, for example in evaluating people correctly, motivating them or selling them something.

  • Sales personality: the first step on the way to having  insight into human nature is learning about your own personality. What are your strengths? What are your talents? And what is your emotional competence like?
  • Appearance: first impressions are made within a matter of seconds. In addition to your personal appearance a spotlight is shone in the seminar on how you come across in the areas of public speaking, presentation techniques and presentation material.

Customer expertise
  • Empathy: Empathy is an important characteristic that makes you stand out. Empathy or empathetic behaviour can be learned. By imparting basic skills such as a professional questioning technique, active listening and paraphrasing or “mirroring”, we show you what it takes to have an empathetic effect on your customers.
  • Personality types: the ability to identify other people and their behaviour, needs and motives makes a good sales person stands out. We show you how you can adapt your strategy, your style of conversation and your way of expressing yourself and communicating so that you develop trust, earn respect and demonstrate appreciation.
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