…  allows you to explore the outer regions of your potential.

Tobias Wegenast is fascinated by the complexity of human relationships and considers them to be the most important catalyst for personal growth. Friends and clients say of him that he finds it easy to establish effective contact with others, even when the issue under discussion is tricky.
The focus of his work as a facilitator and trainer lies in the design and implementation of management courses and theme-based training on the subject of communication and personal impact. He sets great store on developing an “intervention” on the dividing line between the development of ability and personality. He calls this the “growing edge”, which is where learning actually takes place when you engage with it.
As a coach he respects the fact that the effort involved in development can occasionally be unpleasant. It is here that the quality and value of his coaching have an impact. He supports and moderates in German and English and in the Swiss dialect.

Education / Qualifications
  • Master of Economics and Organisational Psychology (University of Bern)
  • Gestalt therapy training (Esalen Institute, USA)
  • NLP master practitioner (Robert Dilts, NLP University, USA)
  • Co-active coach (Coaches Training Institute CTI, Palo Alto, USA)
  • Coaching German Federal Association of Executive Coaching (DBVC, Hephaistos, Germany)
  • Training in the moderation of large groups
    ​and team development SVEB I

Previous roles
  • Deputy director, Credit & Surety Reinsurance, Swiss Re
  • Lecturer, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zürich
  • Zen-Shiatsuka SGS (freelance)
  • Co-owner & bookseller Comic-Chäller

Freelance work (since 2000)
  • Associated partner of The 4you Network AG, Zürich
  • Owner of wegenast associates gmbh, Winterthur
  • Design and implementation of integral management courses
  • Workshops on communications, conflict management & management effects
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Team development and supervision
  • Large group events

Tobias Wegenast is a keen traveller. Discovering the world was, is and remains an important part of his life and a source of inspiration. His greatest challenge and energy come from his many interests, ranging from walking in the mountains and cooking all the way to riding a motorbike and practising yoga.

tobias.wegenast@4you.ch, Tel. +41 78 709 13 14

E-mail contact

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