Sales pitch

«Advertise or perish.»
                                           Henry Ford

The majority of clients maintain relationships with all kinds of service providers. The great art in selling lies in really making a mark so that at the crucial time the client opts for our market services.


If you don’t continually strive to provide a source of potential new clients, there is a danger of inadvertently sinking into oblivion. Acquisition is one of the tasks a sales person should and needs to continually drive ahead. A systematic approach and continuity play a crucial role in this.

Acquisition methods
There are all kinds of forms of acquisition. As sales experts you can benefit from our practical experience in the following methods:
  • Telephone acquisition: qualified addresses are a valuable asset – but the contact has to be effective. Preparing mentally   and emotionally for the conversation will help you on the way to success: we show you how to prepare in a targeted way.
  • Networking: “relationships are everything” is how the saying goes. Unfortunately all too often sales advisors make too little of the networking opportunities that present themselves and that shouldn’t be the case
  • Recommendation management: the best advertisers are your existing, convinced customers. In our seminars with sales experts we train a technique of “approaching” them, which – on different levels – leads to the specific issue of recommendations.

Sales dialogue

Am I a sales person or an advisor? We clear up these questions at the start of sales training. The one does not preclude the other. Ultimately though what’s important is to conclude a deal.

  • “Basic” selling: am I taking this meeting as a sales advisor, or as a sales consultant am I being led by the client? On this foundation course you are made aware of the different phases in a sales dialogue – from the start of the meeting all the way to the conclusion technique – and practise in realistic simulations.
  • “Pro” selling: building on the foundation course, you want your sales team to have a refresher course or explore selling in greater depth in order to keep up with tougher competition. Here we boost sales criteria within the phases of a sales dialogue by focusing on subareas such as needs analysis (core question), benefits arguments (linking technique) and dealing with resistance (objections and excuses).
  • “Expert” selling: many sales consultants have a solid technical understanding, but very few really understand people. Clients have different personalities – so do sales advisors. When these come together, it is important for you as a sales advisor to identify what client personality you are dealing with and how you can consciously – with knowledge of your own type – respond to the particular characteristics of the other party.
  • “Nugget” sales: “Get fit!” Your sales advisors are very experienced and effective, but you realise that some parts of the sales dialogue can be enhanced. For example you don’t want special terms to be given to clients immediately during price negotiations, you’d like more concrete results to be produced in the conclusion phase or quite simply wish to have more recommendations generated by existing customers. We concentrate on specific “nuggets” like these so that your company is even more efficient at selling.

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